European bus experience

So I’m in Europe now and are taking a lot of buses between cities. Why? Its cheap! Well, its cheaper than trains and I have time so why not give it a try, eh? Before I decided to give it a try, mainly for financial reasons, I hated buses. There’s not enough room and you…

Bratislava: 1, 2 or 3 days?

I happen to be in Bratislava recently and I must admit, its a nice city. A small city, but nice. When I started looking into how many days I should give myself to explore, I kept googling ‘how many days in bratislava?’. Funny enough, almost all posts or articles say you only need 1 day….

Experience Maldive village life

Maldives is an absolutely stunning country in the Indian ocean. It is made up of thousands of tiny coral islands which creates gorgeous sandy beaches and is the main attraction. I grew up in Sri Lanka (Maldives closest neighbor), but getting to Maldives never crossed my mind. General itinerary with Maldives is that you book an expensive resort,…

Glow Worm Tunnel, Newnes, Wollemi National Park

Glow Worm Tunnel located in Wollemi National Park, NSW is a disused railway tunnel used in early 1900’s. Since abandoning, it has been taken over by tiny worms which produces a bio-luminescent light. Following is a short article on how best to get there and what to expect. Location Located in Newnes within Wollemi national…

My favourite Sri Lankan curries and short eats

I miss Sri Lanka a lot. So every chance I get to try some Sri Lankan food, it takes me back home. The taste, smell, texture is unforgettable. Following is a list of my favourite Sri Lankan foods. Lets dance and have Kottu Kottu is short for ‘Kottu Roti’ and is absolutely my favourite thing to eat….

bem-vindo ao macau

A day trip to the asian casino giant where the history mingles with the flashy new Places visited: Ruins of St Pauls Senado square (Largo do Senado) A-Ma temple Fotaleza do Monte Kun Iam temple Na Tcha temple Wynn Macao St Dominic’s church