Bali: The Verdict

For Australians, Bali is an easy getaway for cheap booze and to a wild party zone (well, for most of us anyway). It is also very exotic that most Australians adore! So what is it about Bali that gets us you’d ask. And so did I?

It was not until last year that I decided to take be a hippie or a bogan to try this exotic place, helped by the cheaper flight deals by Jetstar. Although I wanted to spent more time there, it had to be a short trip due to my leave situation with work (I have travelled enough that I actually never have enough leave and managed to be in negative leave situation). So, it had to be 8 days.

Well, 8 days isn’t much at all, or is it? When I go somewhere, I try to do as much as possible so all the accommodation I choose is based on reviews of fellow travellers as well as considering the proximity to the places I wish to visit. Given that I only had 8 days, I then decided on the most important places I wish to see and arranged the itinerary. It was: Seminyak > Kintamani > Ubud > Nusa Lemongan > Seminyak.

I know, it seems like a lot of places for just 8 days, but trust me, you can do it! Bali island is quite spread out so the best way to get around is by hiring a car unless you hire a bike. We hired a car from one place to another and while at a given location, either hiked or hired a vehicle. Not sure if hiring a vehicle for the entire trip could have been better or not.

Krishan visiting a temple near Kintamani mountains
Loving the temples

Seminyak is busy and chaotic! I can’t imagine what Kuta would be like. I am not a party clown so stayed in the more civilized seminyak area. Hotel was right on the main street yet not that noise while inside. It was also very close to the beach and nice restaurants. Kintamani is a moutainous region close to Ubud yet very calm. Being high up in the mountains, its much cooler than other parts, especially Seminyak. Best thing about Kintamani is the Mount Batur volcanic mountain plus the hike and the view of the whole mountain from my room. Marvellous!

Seminyak Beach
Seminyak Beach

Our next stop was Ubud, which is famous for its Rice fields and Monkey forest. And yes, like everyone else, we did that and much more. Spent two relaxing much action packed days in this lovely and green city. Then it was time to get some island treatments in Nusa Lembongan (pronounced Nusa Lombo’an). This is a tiny island just off the east coast of Bali island and can be reached by a 1 hour speed boat. Islands interior isn’t much use to a traveller but the beaches are where all tourists flock and adore. And like everyone else, we just had the best time of our life here.

Yello Bridge, Nusa Lembogan
Yello Bridge, Nusa Lembogan

Sadly, we made our way back to Seminyak again for our last 2 days with more planned activities. Visiting temples was our main focus apart from trying to take it easy and get some much needed time off and of course a massage.

Mount Batur, Kintamani
Mount Batur, Kintamani

As this is a short post about what I thought about the whole Bali experience, I kept my itinerary short and sweet hoping to write more about each place as I go along. So what’s the verdict? Hmmm… its quite mixed I’d say. Love the food and templates. People seem to be nice too not that I have had a bad experience with them. Its just that I haven’t felt very welcoming or homely with them. Roads are chaotic! It was going to be the rainy season (Late October) but there was not a single drop in sight and the high humidity is unbearable at times. All in all, I think it was a good trip and I realise I have to see more of this place to admire more of it and see more places, find hidden gems with little cafe’s and bars, small temples, probably stay in a more secluded or a fancy resort, talk to more people and get lost. I will visit again has been my expression ever since I got back so I cant wait to go back!

Beachside restaurant, Nusa Lembogan
Beachside restaurant, Nusa Lembogan

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