Hotel Tjampuhan and Spa, Ubud: Review

Hotel: Hotel Tjampuhan and Spa

Where: Ubud, Indonesia

Room Type: Raja Double Room, Arie Smith 5

When: Late October, 2015

Booked through

When comparing the hotel website and, room options are completely different. Since I booked through I opted for the cheapest room (still pretty expensive). Room was very big compared to any other hotel room I’ve been in and you can play a bit of cricket. Room was equipped with a nice wooden bed that’s comfortable as well as big, Tea/Coffee and a large bathroom with a tub plus a large verandah. Room also had a fan and air conditioning which was great to escape the tropical heat.

Hotel is located in the western end of town, however is closer to most places of interest to visitors. Has 2 pools at either end of the property and is setup in a nice winding pathways from one place to the next. You can also order in drinks to the pool as a staff member is always present there to take your order if need be. Pool on the eastern end can be a bit packed at times and I recommend the one at the western end which is nice and romantic than the other. One can lose a bit of calories just by walking around the hotel, which is a good thing for most but can be painful for few others.

At the eastern end of the hotel property is a wooden bridge that connects you to the other side of over the river to a temple. You get to pass their lovely and wacky spa to get a sense of the place.

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Hotel servers buffet style breakfast which is massive and with loads of varieties for all tastes – Asian and Western. Make sure you get in early to the restaurant to having to find a better seat. However, the food was delicious including their custom made omelettes. Staff everywhere are very friendly and will try to do their best.

They also have laundry service which I think was great. Someone will come and pick them up and will be returned the next day.

Location of hotel
Location of hotel

What is disappointing here is that the room didn’t look anything like the pictures they have in their web site or in and felt very run down. There were mouldy patches in the walls. Bathroom shower cannot contain water properly and would run down to the floor soon so it all gets wet. Food from the a la carte menu and drinks can be a bit pricey so be prepared plus service charge.

River access from the hotel
River access from the hotel
Lime cocktail
Lime cocktail
Yummy prawn curry
Yummy prawn curry
Hotel spa interior
Hotel spa interior
View of hotel spa from the other side of river
View of hotel spa from the other side of river

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  1. Moritz says:

    Looks like an amazing property in a very special setting. Thanks for your review 🙂

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