I heart Hartley

Hartley is a historical village in the Central Tablelands region of New South Wales, Australia. It belongs to the City of Lithgow local government area and located about 127 km west of Sydney city. It is in between Lithgow and Mount Victoria on the great western highway. Once a major administrative centre, it has declined its status and is now a lovely historical village.

I doubt that many people stop on their way to visit the historical buildings which are preserved very well. And I am glad I did!

Main building in the village is the Hartley Court House which is an immaculately preserved sandstone building, which you can hire for special occasions should you wish to do so. Then there’s the St Bernards Church (which you can also hire) is another sandstone building which was completed in 1846 and its looking great for its age! St Bernards Presbytery next to the church is another attractive building which was also completed in late 1850’s and was the home to the priest who held masses as the church.


Passing the church is a lovely little souvenir shop which unfortunately wasn’t opened by the time I got there. Couple of other buildings away is the Old Shamrock Inn which is not used now but presents a great photo opportunity. The water tank on its left side is huge.

Top of the hill behind the inn provides a nice view of the region and can be a good picnic spot on a lovely day. If you have never visited Hartley, I highly recommend it even for 5 minutes if you are driving towards greater central tablelands (or the other way).


Hartley Court House
Hartley Court House
Old Shamrock Inn
Old Shamrock Inn


Local shop
Local shop

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